Union Station Advocates
Citizen participation in planning and governance of the public spaces at Denver Union Station


Welcome to Union Station Advocates

Denver Colorado's Union Station

Importance of Union Station

Union Station is one of the region’s most historic and best loved landmarks. It sits in the heart of Denver’s new multi-modal transit hub and planned mixed use development. 

Now that plans for the transit elements are complete and the initial development is underway, it’s time to begin planning for the restoration and reuse of the Station, its front door plaza along Wynkoop, and the surrounding public spaces.

Public participation in this process is essential to assure that plans reflect the high quality, vibrant redevelopment that the Station merits. Union Station Advocates is committed to creating a welcoming, active gateway at the Station which is sensitive to neighborhood and historic concerns.

Interview with Dana Crawford

Dana Crawford Interview (Union Station Advocates) Part 1
from PlaceMatters on Vimeo.

Dana Crawford Interview (Union Station Advocates) Part 2
from PlaceMatters on Vimeo.

For more information about Union Station Advocates, see About USA. And for the latest news about the redevelopment of Union Station and USA’s activities, see our News Update.

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